The iconic white woofer and signature sound of Yamaha’s nearfield reference monitor have become a genuine industry standard because of their accuracy. By combining acquired knowledge with state of the art Sound Technology, Yamaha’s speaker Engineering team have examined and optimized every aspect that has contributed in making these monitors the most trusted in the business.

Yamaha HS5 is designed with purity in mind and intends to deliver crisp sounds of vibration, beats, every strum and vocal.



This monitor tends to be a jack of all trades as far as good performance is concerned performing output far beyond most of its competitors.

Turning up the volume with this quality studio monitor will bring a new experience and deliver tones and melodies at a level you just will not duplicate with most of the speakers in its class.

A system of screws and specifically designed mounting ring, eliminates spurious vibration and resonance thus allowing the speaker to deliver its full Sonic potential. It has a standard performance as far as industry standards are concerned and a limited editions uniqueness that users really love. Hs5 have really taken the sound design to another level.

Yamaha HS5 Features

1) Hs5 five measures 6.7 inches in width, 11.25 inches in height, 8.75 inches deep with a weight of Under 12 pounds.This just gives it versatility and mobility even in small spaces still offering powerful and crisp sound necessary for every production environment.

2) It has a low frequency driver of 5 inches in high frequency driver of 1 inches.

3)The frequency response is between 54 hertz to 30 kilohertz.

4) Output power 70 watts.

5) It has a 5 inch with 1 inch bi amplified Twitter.


One of the hidden features of HS series monitors that you’ll hear but are not likely to see is the extra large magnets. In combination with advanced magnetic circuit design, these magnets provides powerful uniform tightly controlled flux field that results in exceptionally smooth response and dynamic capabilities over a wider frequency range.

Another feature that boosts woofer performance is a magnet selected to produce accurate solid low end response. The extra thickness of the of the tweeter frame also minimizes resonance that can interfere with high end clarity.


Overall result is extraordinarily smooth most accurate response throughout the audio spectrum. In all with its sleek design along with awesome power behind it HS5 is on the list of every intermediate or beginner a producer.

Bottom line

All in all HS5’s are great monitors that help a good audio mix along with a crisp and clear sound. I have seen HS5s in many professional studios.

Also remember the performance of a monitor also depends on its key positioning, if you position it wrongly the frequency response will vary and you might get unwanted results. So learn about the art of positioning and how the frequencies behave and travel.

The mid EQ switch gives you subtle boost and cut options in addition to flat response, while the high trim switch offers the same type of response tailoring capability for the high frequency.


Yamaha HS5 is really beautiful, aesthetically pleasant looking monitors which deliver crisp and beautiful sounds. the price of Yamaha HS5 is moderate and if you are willing to go for it I would suggest you to just go for it.

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