Fluance’s Recommendation series of speakers are made to look excellent and sound fantastic at the exact same time. They aren’t cheap for one’s who are brand-new to the audio world, however the cost point is quickly justified for audio lovers. Producing 2 flooring standing speakers that sound definitely terrific. These speakers are really worth their price.

Integrate that with the gorgeous appearance of the XL7F and you have a genuine winner. The speakers are beautiful, elegantly fitting into a living-room, requiring sufficient focus to impress then to fade into the ambiance of the space.

If you have the cash to put down on them, then the Fluance XL7F floorstanding speakers are a few of the very best you can get for the cost.


There are couple of thigs about these audio speakers which make standout. Obviously, they look terrific, however the speaker design makes them differ from other speakers.


The front face holds 2 midrange woofers and a soft dome tweeter and cones of this speaker are built from butyl rubber. This construct assists reduce undesirable cone resonances, making sure toughness and efficiency dependability.

In the bottom of speaker there is 4 copper sound-isolation spikes. These metal spikes soakes up all the vibrations from the floor ensuring a noise free sound.

Exactly what’s fascinating is where the low end woofer is located. The bottom shooting driver imitates a pseudo subwoofer, utilizing the floor to propel low end into the vicinity. It’s a cool style which is rarely seen on floorstanding speakers.

Looks-wise, there are 2 alternatives here. Both black and cherry surfaces are offered, however they’re differ little bit. The cherry is a synthetic wood grain surface, totally matte, with a black matte front. The black is black all around, however with matte sides and a glossed front. Caution, finger print magnet.

Nevertheless, both of them have the striking white drivers and tweeter on the front. With the cherry ended up, the cones aren’t as obvious, sinking into the total appearance of the speaker. The more plain contrast on the black variation makes the cones stick out more.

Personally, I like the black surface much better. The basic color scheme feels more classy overall. If the cones are too disturbing, I can constantly toss the detachable fabric grille on the front.

The speakers are constructed really perfectly too. The cabinet is built from MDF, however has internal bracing throughout to offer the speaker additional rigidness. Plus, at almost 50 pounds per speaker, they will not be moving much.


There isn’t really much to the XL7F in regards to functions. Beyond terrffic look and sound, the speakers simply crates grear sound. No remote controls or anything high tech. The function set is subtle.

One important factor to pay attention is how the cabinet is built. Tuned rear bass port reflex cabinet style assists enhance performance with low frequencies and manage the total action.

In terms of conectivity this speakers is awesome. The binding posts work with banana plug adapters and speaker wire. They’re entirely gold plated, making sure the optimum conductivity in between the connection.

The removeable grille isn’t really simply for aesthetic appeals, either. The low diffraction flush fit on the grill provides a broader picture of the noise in usage.

The 2 crossover points have actually been tuned efficiently too. They utilize a Butterworth filter style at the crossovers to assist preserve a flat reaction at those frequencies. Let’s not enter into the mathematics here, however the person who developed the filter was popular for solve “difficult” mathematics concepts.

Sound Quality

Now lets get into important stuff which is the sound.  In terms of the look the speaker looks fantastic, and has a couple of additional functions to press it over the edge, however most significantly, it’s a great sounding speaker. Fluance has actually crafted floorstanding speaker that isn’t really too costly, which can produce terrific audio.


Let’s begin at the bottom. Actually. The bottom-firing is integrated in subwoofer. Which allows the bass to physically move from the speaker even more, leading to a much deeper low end.

I was stunned at how excellent the bass was on these speakers. The bottom shooting sub is more than simply an add-on, quickly supplementing a devoted woofer. It has a tight and deep response. The reflex porting assists tighten up the low end and makes punchy bass. If you’re on a low budget and cannot manage a subwoofer, this is a simple compromise to take.

The midrange was on of the best. The feedback of sound is smooth and natural sounding, whick kind of unexpected for such an affordable set of speakers. They do not fall for the peaks and valleys in the feedback curve like lots of other speakers on the marketplace.

With that being stated, the midrange location does not provide the “warm” noise. The location is noticable enough to not sound scooped, however that isn’t really the primary act.

In between the 2 midrange drivers is the 1-inch tweeter. Here’s how Fluance explains the tweeter. It’s a “1 inch Neodymium Balanced Silk Dome Ferrofluid Cooled” tweeter. I have no hint what of that means.

With numerous affordable speakers, the sibilant sounds of discussion can get extreme in the leading end. Such is not the case with the XL7F’s, the good news is.

The XL7F truly shines at high volume.


The Fluance XL7F’s Speakers are incredible set of speakers at a terrific rate. They aren’t the least expensive to beginners, however they provide excillent value when it comes to performance. The style is sophisticated, the build is excellent, and the sound is far much better than its cost.

If you’re searching for a great set of speakers and do not wish to spend a lot, then check out other speaker on our website.

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