Best Floor Standing Speaker Under £500 list. Today we will share with you the Top Floor Standing Speaker Under 500 pounds. We ransacked the entire web to find these speakers. After digging for several of hours I lastly decided that the majority of individuals audio sector do not require speaker which costs hundreds of dollars to delight in remarkable high quality sound or audio.

The majority of speaker nowadays are filled with the cutting-edge hardware which could generate exceptional high quality sound while maintaining the rate rather low.


In the following article by Cool Sound Studio on best speakers under $1000 we shared the best speaker under 1k there were few speakers in that list which were under £500 we took them here as well in this list as well:

1. Cerwin Vega CLS-215


Cerwin Vega’s XLS-215 is the flagship of the company’s XLS series. Thinking about the cost of these particular speakers, they are accurately positioned in the superior quality section with consumers valuing the assured degree of precision and clearness, even at high volume

The XLS-215 is without a doubt an enhanced variation of the CLS-215.


  • You can enjoy your music distortion-free, with these ones even at a volume you ought to not be exposed to. They make an astounding soundstage.
  • Precision and information stays regularly even with high dry bass.



  • Big in size and heavy in weight.

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2. Dayton Audio T652

This particular speaker was 4th on our list. They are a little bit small in their size place them over somewhere where the tweeter can reach the level of your ears. These are not truly floorstanding audio speakers however they are simply high audio speakers and also they sound good.

You are obtaining the signature Dayton sound for this affordable price as well as these audio speakers could match the elevation of your tv.

Simply place one on the right and one on the left and enjoy the most effective sound experience.

They have fairly strong construct and also could last for many years. If your searching for entry level speakers then you must acquire these.


  • They have a great dynamic range of sound for all kinds of stage environments.
  • Great sound quality considering the price point.
  • Under 100 dollars



  • They are small in size.

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3. Q Acoustics 3050 Floorstanding Speakers

The 3000 series of Acoustics from the well-regarded 2000s with a design revamp and more features. The Acoustic 3050 speakers are created to offer amazing bass and midrange, plus it famous for its ring dome tweeter. The 3050 is among the very best flooring standing speakers for big spaces.


  • It has extremely minimal levels of distortion; this enables you to take pleasure in the very best quality audio. Whether it be seeing a film or paying attention to music.
  • This would be a great addition if you’re developing 5.1 system.
  • This is among the leading speakers in the UK and has countless favorable evaluations.
  • You will discover it hard to discover a much better speaker at this rate variety.



  • I would advise you utilize this speaker in a reasonably sized room.

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4. Onkyo SKF-4800

Get max performance from your sound system with Onkyo SKF-4800 speakers. These speakers feature the twin 6.3″ woofers which make lively sounds. The output of Onkyo SKF-4800 speakers offers astonishing details across the spectrum even at max volume. Under 300 no one can’t just beat the quality of the speakers and sound of these speakers


  • Sturdy base and crystal clear sound.
  • Under 300 bucks.
  • Woofer equalizer enables fast and accurate response.
  • Banana plug-compatible speaker posts.



  • None

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You can read the full article on best speaker on 1k here.


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